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It's been almost a year since I updated my journal, and almost just as long since I've uploaded any pictures. I'm not dead and I haven't stopped taking pictures. I just lost my passion and time for my hobby. 2012 has been a very rough year for me and ended on a serious life changing low note. I plan on coming back once the turmoil that has entered my life settles down and I settle into my new routine. I have some pictures I'm really happy with that I want to post soon.

Keep Watching.
  • Listening to: The fans on my computer
  • Reading: Self help books
  • Watching: Everything change.
  • Drinking: water
:squee: My camera's back from Canon repair! I sent it in because the rubber soft touch surfaces on the grip had come unglued, and I wanted that taken care of before the warranty expired this month.

I was hoping to use the down time to edit some photos, but the day after I mailed off my camera body, my hard drive on my main computer suffered a catastrophic failure and I lost all of my Lightroom edits! :crying: (Fortunately all of my RAW camera files are on a little raid server that's almost full.) Within a week, friends have been coming to the rescue. Now I'm building a 6Tb RAID 5 array in my big computer to store all of my photos and Lightroom database. I also have a 60Gb SSD for the operating system and program files. Once I have everything set up again, life will be good. :happybounce:
  • Listening to: My little girl play
  • Reading: Truman
  • Watching: My RAID array build.
  • Playing: Grand Tourismo 4
  • Eating: Eggs and bacon.
  • Drinking: Gipsy rose tea.
I have a ticket and an early access pass for Burning Man. I'd be more stoked if I wasn't so stressed out and pissed off about everything else.
  • Listening to: Robyn Hitchcock
  • Reading: Nothing. I never have the time
  • Watching: My screen
  • Playing: catch up
  • Eating: Fried eggs and steak
  • Drinking: refreshing water.
We got our tax return, and I just picked up a 60D. I'm heading to Yosemite to break it in!
  • Listening to: My HTPC's fans
  • Reading: The moment it clicks by Joe McNally
  • Watching: my photos screen saver.
  • Playing: catch up
  • Eating: Chocolate chocolate chip cookies
  • Drinking: refreshing water.
Hoo boy! What a start to the year. I've been featured by #ObscuredPhotos, and Make a Difference 85# , and a number of journal features by
Most amazing of all, Kenobigirliz gifted me a premium membership, to which I am eternally grateful! (I'm figuring out a way to return the favor.)

The result of all of this fortune is that I've had a bit more visibility and now have more deviants watching my work as well as more deviants favoriting my work. I'm feeling very encouraged to step up and improve what I'm doing, try new techniques, and attend some seminars and take some photography classes. I may even get to upgrade my camera this year!

Thank you, everyone for your kind comments, suggestions, critiques, favorites, features, gifts, and inspiration. 2011 looks like it's going to be an awesome year!

Excited by BurgerBunny

I'm hoping to repay this little community by writing a journal more often and featuring the deviations that inspired me that month. (next time) :D
  • Listening to: My HTPC's fans
  • Reading: The moment it clicks by Joe McNally
  • Watching: my photos screen saver.
  • Playing: catch up
  • Eating: Chocolate chocolate chip cookies
  • Drinking: refreshing water.
The hard drive on the laptop failed with a SMART error, and the only time I get on the internet is when I can wrestle the tot away from the TV and use our home theater PC. This is the last time I use a Western Digital laptop hard drive. Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me! Fool me three times; what the hell was I thinking? I just hope I didn't lose any photos I haven't backed up to the server. :/
  • Listening to: The washing machine
  • Reading: Hotshoe diaries
  • Watching: time slip through my fingers
  • Playing: try to fix everything
  • Eating: my fingernails
  • Drinking: Coffee
Today I'm going to do my first engagement photo session.

I can't help but be a bit nervous!
  • Listening to: Thomas Dolby.
  • Reading: Hotshoe diaries
  • Watching: Everything I can find for Photoshop on
  • Playing: Pretend to work
  • Eating: my fingernails
  • Drinking: Coffee
Up until a few days ago, I've been doing all of my photo editing in Photoshop Elements 4. Now I have a new copy of Photoshop CS4 Extended! Just to make things better, I got a free year subscription to through work. I'm going to be devowering everything I can find for PS-CS4!

I'm excited!
  • Listening to: Pandora - Devo radio
  • Reading: The Grays - Whitley Streiber
  • Watching: Everything I can find for Photoshop on
  • Playing: Pretend to work
  • Drinking: Coffee
Has it really been five months since my last journal? I guess I really don't have much to say. Well, I've had a number of things absorbing my time. I've taken a bunch of pictures in that time, and once I find the time to edit them, I'll put more of them up.
  • Listening to: The fan on the fireplace insert.
  • Reading: The Grays - Whitley Streiber
  • Watching: Willie Wonka and the Choclate Factory (1971)
  • Playing: Entertain the two year old.
  • Eating: Roasted Edimami.
  • Drinking: Rum on the rocks
I got a nice bonus at work, and debated on whether I should get a better camera, or save the money because the world is falling apart. I decided I should buy the camera to take pictures of the world that isn't falling apart instead. ^_^

I am so happy with the move from an advanced PHD (Push Here, Dummy) camera to a digital SLR that I can hardly contain myself! I'm really happy with the photos I've taken already, and I don't even know how to use the camera yet.


Oh, those renders are still on the way. I'm just having trouble acquiring a "round too-it"
  • Listening to: The din of the old HVAC unit
  • Reading: Canon Rebel XSi manual
  • Watching: The world fall apart
  • Playing: nothing really
  • Eating: Assorted cheeses and apple wedges.
  • Drinking: Water (I'm still at work)
Well, I just participated in a render contest featuring the work of Stonemason. All of the submitted pieces were amazing, and it really made me stretch my muscles. :D I'll be posting my two entries over here once the contest is over.

One side effect of entering in the contest is that I've been inspired to open, or re-create some old pieces and spruce them up with my new-found skill. Look for some new images in the next couple of days!
  • Listening to: All of the fans in my render box
  • Reading: Campaign litrature
  • Watching: My computer render
  • Playing: Portal (still)
  • Eating: Ice
  • Drinking: Mai-Tai (Yum)